What is postpartum amnesia? How to solve it?

What moms walk into a room and do not know what they are doing? Looking for glasses to wear on your head? If something similar happens from time to time, moms need not worry, but if it happens often and we just gave birth After the baby is born, we may have a chance to develop postpartum dementia.

This condition usually occurs after pregnancy and can sometimes last for up to 5 months. After childbirth, according to a study shows that when we become mothers, it May have a permanent effect on cognitive function, it can also stimulate brain development and more Both can lead to changes in the areas responsible for social awareness and compassion.

Factors that cause postpartum dementia
Obviously, there are many factors that lead to postpartum dementia, and the main factor is the need. In caring for newborns, mothers often give up their sleep. And that causes the brain to weaken as well as make us forget a lot. In addition, moms who have. Pregnancy undergoes neurological changes in the brain during and after pregnancy that affect the memory of Very moms. This problem usually goes away on its own over time.

How should we deal with postpartum dementia?
Even though we know that a little forgetfulness is a part of being a mom, Yes, but sometimes it can be boring when we forget important things. This condition is not serious or something to worry about. However, we can not escape. Get rid of the effects of pregnancy, but moms can try to deal with it. These methods.

1). Keep notes of what you learned from the process.
The best way to deal with dementia is to keep track of the important things to do when we need to. Remember a lot of things. Keep a notebook close to you so we can take immediate notes of important things. At the same time, we can also set the alarm or record in the Reminder on the phone as well.

2). Get enough sleep
Insufficient sleep usually occurs during the first few months after delivery by the time of sleep. Moms have to rely on their newborn bedtime. Tired and tiring, of course, getting enough sleep is important for the normal functioning of the brain. And our bodies. Therefore, it is better to arrange your mom’s bedtime with your newborn baby.

3). Take care of physical and mental malformations
When moms have time, moms should be involved in physical activity and memory by playing. Word games, brainteasers, or some exercise can help reduce physical and mental health. There is also a degree of forgetfulness.

In case of any questions or doubts about your health, the best option is to consult and consult with a specialist.

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