How to make your armpits smooth and beautiful

Nowadays, some women experience problems with black underarms and a lot of underarm hair without being smooth.

These reasons cause some women to lose their self-confidence by not daring to wear underarms because of the embarrassing criticism. So today, Khmer Lot would like to highlight the method to make the armpits white and smooth, which highlights the following 7 points:

1). We have to shave or apply armpit hair removal cream first. Because if we do not shave or remove all the armpit hair, it can also make the armpits black.

2). Using a laser to remove armpit hair can also prevent armpit hair from growing back. It also makes the armpits whiter.

3). We need to apply the cream on the armpit skin to prevent dryness on the armpit skin with moisture and smoothness.

4). Using an orange, cut it into thin slices and apply it to the armpit, this will also help to whiten the armpit to some extent.

5). We need to cleanse with soap and water, choose soap because it helps to dry armpits that do not sweat and white.

6). Use Ronne underarm lotion regularly when going out, as it helps prevent bad odors and is smooth.

7). Using a powder can also prevent bad odors and rashes on the armpits.

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