Top 5 Acne Techniques to Get Rid of Acne as Soon as Possible

We know that acne is not a good choice, but sometimes we can not control it. However, instead of acne, we get red sores or scars. Disgusting dryness, so to get rid of pimples that heal quickly as well as reduce Damage to the skin, we can try some of the following techniques.

  1. Stop Trigger
    After exfoliation, we should allow time for the skin to heal without exfoliation. In addition, to see if there are any bullets left. It also interrupts the healing process.
  2. Wash the face after removing acne
    If you have just pulled out acne, wash your skin gently with a normal cleansing foam. To avoid infection in the area that can cling to our hands and avoid The fall of Kramak is happening.
  3. Apply ice if swollen
    After removing the pimples, our face may face swelling and redness. Ice can effectively reduce inflammation as well as make the skin return to normal. Instead, apply ice packs to a swollen area with a soft cloth or towel. Take a few minutes and do this several times a day.
  4. Use acne medicine or cream
    At the same time, we can try acne medicine or creams such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic acid, or essential oil. Tea tree oil to reduce acne. Apply it regularly for 4 to 6 weeks. See results.
  5. Continue to take care of your face regularly
    Of course, facial skincare is the most important thing for us girls. Wash your face twice. Every day, as well as applying acne treatment products. In addition, we can also remove old cells to prevent Get acne too often.

In case of any questions or doubts about your health, the best option is to consult and consult with a specialist.

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