Girls, do not do these 7 things when menstruating

Women often have abdominal pain, bloating, and a bad mood during menstruation. But there are also some habits that can be dangerous during this time. Doctor tells seven things that gynecologists advise not to do once a month.

1- Do not eat too salty
During menstruation, most women have swollen hands and feet. High-salt foods dehydrate the body. So when we eat those foods, our body will store water, which causes bloating. So eating salt in moderation is a good choice that can help prevent bloating and abdominal pain. If you already eat salt and feel bloated, you should drink more water to expel excess sodium (salt) and help the body. Return to originality.

2- Do not drink coffee
Experts say that drinking caffeinated beverages during menstruation can tighten the breasts. In addition, coffee can block GABA in the brain, which causes us to worry, increase heart rate, and other danger signs before menstruation. Can try to drink green tea and can help relieve abdominal pain.

3- Do not eat milk
Calcium is good for menstruation, but not all dairy products are good. Arachidonic acid in dairy products such as milk, yogurt, or cheese can cause abdominal pain, so it is recommended to cut. Cut down on those products as much as possible.

4- Do not shave or peel hair
Shaving or shaving on the day of menstruation can be more painful than usual because of the high estrogen levels in the body that day. Makes the body feel sick and sore faster than usual.

5 – Do not be silent, sweat some good
Doing nothing to sweat is not a good thing, especially during menstruation. Physical activity releases endorphins to help reduce abdominal pain. Physical activity relieves frustration and anxiety. There are no specific activities that women should avoid, it is recommended that we maintain regular exercise and other activities at Menstruation day.

6- Do not forget to protect during sex
Sex depends on emotions, atmosphere, and agreement. To increase comfort, even the days of menstruation are not a problem. However, during menstrual bleeding, the rate of sexually transmitted infections is higher than usual.

7- Do not use tampons for too long
Toxic Shock Syndrome is a dangerous infection if you use a tampon for too long, do not change quickly. Hygiene is very important, especially on menstrual days. For modern tampons, Tampons should be changed every 4-6 hours and regular tampons should be changed every 3-4 hours.

In case of any questions or doubts about your health, the best option is to consult and consult with a specialist.

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