Do not wait for others to encourage you! Learn to motivate yourself because only you can live with yourself for life

I need strength, I lack a motivator or I am not afraid to do such a thing, but it lacks a motivator …! These words you must have heard because most people are difficult to understand, less self-confident like to seek strength from the outside until sometimes no longer see the positive points of themselves.

Words of praise can energize the mind, and words of criticism can awaken the mind, and the heart that never dries up is the strength that comes from within, not from the outside. The longest self, no matter what, do not give up yourself, you are not from others, because others also have their problems or can not be all the time we wait for them to encourage us.

This self-motivated force requires that we dare to believe in ourselves that we can really achieve it and then learn to see a lot of our own positive points and have a calm mind can control like the sea No waves can easily see fish and corals.

A Chinese proverb says that long journeys often lack companions, meaning that success takes a long time and that no one is always there to encourage you, and if we wait for others to come and encourage you Have been doing this for a lifetime, you can not do anything to make it happen, because as mentioned above, each of us’s life, everyone has their problems. The last important thing is that your future, your goals, your dreams are yours and you are the one who determines it, not others. Therefore, you are a good reliance because only you know what you like and need for sure.

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