Did you know that reading a book for just 6 minutes can help relieve stress?

Of course, we can not refuse to read books, the things that happen around make stress reduction in our daily lives is not difficult at all, even if we do not have a way to manage it. And it can be a consequence of future life as well.

But did you know? That these stresses can be relieved by just taking a break from work to read a book for a while. In fact, this is the result of a long study and can help reduce stress.

A UK study conducted in 2009 found that human stress levels can be reduced by 68% from just six minutes of reading compared to other stress-reducing activities.

Even listening to music that seems more effective reduces stress levels by 61 percent, while walking can reduce stress by only 42 percent.

What we can read a book without interruption is the key to focusing on reading quietly. It helps you to get rid of the world of daily anxiety and stress.

While the results of a study by Emory University in the United States also confirmed that reading fiction books can also affect the nervous system. And can gradually reduce anxiety. The findings show that reading to the end of the book reduces stress in our minds by up to five days.

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